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Hello and welcome!


I believe that the Alexander Technique is truly unique in its utter simplicity.  It is universal in that it has something to offer every single one of us, regardless of health, age, colour, background or ability.  The Alexander Technique gives us the space to learn, understand and recognise the ways in which we habitually use our body in response to the stimulus of every day movement and activity.  It shows us how movement and posture that ‘feels right’ has in fact created longstanding habits that can eventually lead to pain, discomfort and distress.  With the experience of ‘doing less’ provided by a Teacher’s hands and words, we embark upon our very own individual journey to much improved health and wellbeing.  For me, I believe that it has provided exactly that along with the opportunity to ‘walk tall’ with courage poise and confidence. It has helped me to begin to face the things I fear the most and to cope with the things over which I have little or no control.  I think everyone should try it!

In the beginning

I had my first Alexander Technique lesson in 1985. I was stuck in daily pain and immense personal dissatisfaction. I was tense, anxious, stressed and unhappy.


I attended that lesson because I had been told it might help. I left with the opportunity to take control and I quickly developed a fascination with the power and simplicity of the Technique. My passion for it has lasted for more than half my life and continues to this day.

Significant change

The daily pain I had suffered with my shoulders dissipated after only two lessons. It was a huge relief to be free of it. I was intrigued by my changing posture, not least the innate desire to sit more ‘upright’, particularly when driving. I embarked upon a journey of psycho-physical change during which I took control, gained courage, confidence, poise, and clarity. I began to implement the Technique into every aspect of my life.

My training

My passion led me to train as a Teacher at the Alexander Technique Training School in London. My training embodied the concept of the Technique as a psycho-physical experience which has cemented my own belief and very much informs my teaching practice.


Come and experience the joy of a lesson. Take a look at “Lessons and Prices” for more details. See you soon!