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Help me raise money for the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre (TBRC) by joining families and friends of Far East Prisoners of War who are taking part around the World in ‘Sandra’s Worldwide Alexander Lie in/Sit in’

Thursday 15th July 2021 at 16.30 BST on Zoom

Beat the worldwide lockdown blues! Meet me on zoom for a Virtual Alexander Lie in/ Sit in and be a part of my latest adventure. Have fun and enjoy the experience of learning the Alexander Technique and raise money for the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre. Lie down or sit down, up to you!  Ask your family and friends to join too. The more the merrier! Together we can raise money to keep the Death Railway Museum alive!


Email me at sandranorman@alexandertechnique4all.co.uk and introduce yourself





Please donate a minimum of 10.00 GBP Sterling or equivalent for each participant

About the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre

The Thailand-Burma Death Railway Centre is located in Kanchanaburi in Thailand. It is an entirely privately funded Museum and research facility which is dedicated to all those Far East Prisoners of War captured by the Japanese during World War II.


In normal times the Museum welcomes large numbers of visitors from around the World. Those who run the museum have, for many years, devoted themselves to the task of compiling a hugely detailed and extensive research database. This provides an accurate and comprehensive account of the fate of individual prisoners. This work has continued during lockdown and it remains the case that all information is provided, upon request, completely free of charge.   


To find out more about the Museum, please visit their website at https://www.tbrconline.com/

Get Everything Ready Before The Event

What is an Alexander ‘Lie in’? It is an opportunity to stop, calm down and take time out for yourself during the day. All you need to do is to lay an exercise mat or blanket on the floor with a couple of books on top at one end. Then, just like me, lie down with your head resting on the books and keep your eyes open. Throughout the ‘Lie in’, there will be plenty of support and guidance from me. As this is an online event, please only lie down if you can reach the floor safely and get up again unaided.

What is an Alexander ‘Sit in’? If you are unable to get down on the floor and up again without help, then pull up a chair with a nice straight back just like my ‘Alexander Chair’. Make sure your chair allows you to sit with both feet flat on the floor. As with the ‘Lie in’, taking the time to sit, with direction and support from me, allows you to stop and connect with yourself.

SO, DON’T FORGET – join me on zoom for ‘Sandra’s Worldwide Alexander Lie in/Sit in’ on Thursday 15th July at 16.30 BST and help keep the Death Railway Museum alive!