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Whenever I mention that I’m an Alexander Technique Teacher the reaction so often is:

‘That’s about posture isn’t it?’

My reaction is: It’s absolutely amazing you should try it and ‘yes’ it is about posture.

‘Yes’ we all want good posture to be able to stand ‘tall’ and sit up straight. We associate that with looking good, appearing confident, being in control, even when we feel none of those things.


‘But’ I then go on to say…

‘…it’s about so very much more …’

  • The Alexander Technique is an education of mind and body.
  • It involves lessons between a Teacher and their Pupil. Given time the Pupil will learn a skill that will last a lifetime.
  • Lessons usually take place on a one to one basis and are most beneficial if that is the case.
  • Our body is cleverly designed for free and easy movement in everything we do all day, every day. As we know movement is often initiated in reaction to something occurring outside ourselves and requires a certain amount of physical and mental effort.
  • As we move upwards through life we unconsciously develop habits that lead us to contort our bodies and engage unnecessary effort in absolutely everything we do however small and insignificant.
  • This almost invariably results in pain such as chronic back pain, tension in our necks and shoulders not to mention headaches. All of which can cause us to suffer additional mental stress such as anxiety, insomnia and depression.
  • Alexander Technique lessons teach us to ‘let go’ of those contortions and much of that effort so that we may learn new ways of moving which bring poise, clarity, space and freedom.